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Raven - Hop, Skip, Fly Away… by Wales Birder ( Taking a Flickr Break) on Flickr.

Just accepted a job in northern Minnesota capturing and collaring wolves for 6 months! I start in May and will be canoeing and hiking all over the Minnesota great north woods in search of these iconic creatures.
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Seahorse(Melissa Fiene)

Lerick by Lance Ingle


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the atlantic. photo by chase porter. july 2014

The super-abundant virus controlling your gut bacteria

The common cold, hepatitis C… crAssphage? A new virus has been discovered that could lurk in the guts of almost three-quarters of people around the world, making it one of the most ubiquitous viruses you never knew you had.
The virus, which replicates by infecting a species of common gut bacteria, is six times more abundant than all other known gut viruses combined. Its discovery supports the idea that viruses may be the puppet masters of our intestines, regulating the teeming bacterial communities that call our gut home.
"The idea is that viruses can control the levels of bacteria in the gut, to make sure that no one type gets the upper hand," says Bas Dutilh of Radboud University Medical Centre in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. “Viruses could maintain the biodiversity within us.”
The fact that the virus is found in so many different people, regardless of where they live or what they eat, overturns the previously held belief that each person’s viral signature is unique, says Dutilh.

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